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RetailMetrics, LLC is an independent research firm that provides institutional investors with consensus retail same store sales estimates for roughly 70 major U.S. retailers every month.

RetailMetrics Consensus Same Store Sales Estimates & Analysis
RetailMetrics provides institutional investors that routinely trade retail equities or hold significant positions in the consumer space with a unique research offering to assist in their investment decisions. RetailMetrics generates consensus same store sales estimates from Wall Street retail industry analysts' forecasts for most major U.S. publicly traded retailers, providing institutional investors with a one-stop shop for same store sales data.   

RetailMetrics Consensus Same Store Sales Estimate Sample

RetailMetrics Index & Sub-Industry Consensus
Same Store Sales Estimate Sample

Clients receive research reports several times per month analyzing trends in same store sales data. Retailers with the toughest comparisons, widest estimate variances, easiest comparisons, and longest positive & negative surprise trends are regularly highlighted. Reports integrate surprise history, pre-announcement ratios, economic indicators (particularly consumer related), earnings and same store sales estimate revision patterns to provide context to the data.

Same store sales surprise history provides recent trends for both individual retailers and broader retail segments. RetailMetrics has surprise history for selected retailers back to late 2000.  

RetailMetrics Same Store Sales Surprise Sample
(% pt. Above/below expectations)

Research Delivery
RetailMetrics provides 7 same store sales estimate reports a month composed of 6 same store sales estimate updates along with commentary on surprise and earnings trends and a final summary of how actual monthly results fared relative to expectations and year ago results.  

Retail Metrics Report

Date Report Issued

1. Initial Monthly SSS Report

Monday Following Previous Month Report Date

2. Inter-Month Update Vol. 1

Monday Week 2

3. Inter-Month Update Vol. 2

Monday Week 3

4. Final Week Update Vol. 1

Monday of SSS Week

5. Final Week Update Vol. 2

Tuesday of SSS Week

6. Final Estimate Summary

Wednesday of SS Week

7. Actual vs. Est. Summary

Thursday Report Day

** Five Week Months will Have 8 Reports

Monthly same store sales consensus estimates are an ideal tool that will aid portfolio managers, traders, fixed income managers, corporate investor relations professionals, and hedge fund managers in making investment decisions in the retail space.   This is a unique product in that it is based on monthly forecasts and not quarterly data.


Michael Ross Associates is pleased to offer best of breed Independent Research Offerings, which provides Institutional Investors & Hedge Funds with insightful, high quality, investment analysis free from conflicts with investment banks. Our principals have a long held belief that independent research provides a necessary counterpoint to the research published and distributed by investment banks. Michael Ross Associates, whose principals have extensive experience in the Independent Research Space, work with Independent Research Providers in an Outsource Sales, Business Development, & Marketing capacity.  

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